The Haut Aesthetics – 3 years in the making

I cannot believe it, today marks the third anniversary of starting my blog. On December 31st 2017, I founded my site ‘The Haut Aesthetics’ as a place for me to share all the things I love. It has grown into something I could have only dreamt about and that is because of YOU! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share my life with you, I am so grateful that you are on this beautiful journey with me.

Blogging has taught me to express myself and stretch myself in terms of creativity, content creation, and even my photography and technical website knowledge! I’m still loving it just as much as the day I first hit the ‘publish’ button. There have been times with creative droughts, discouraging interactions but in the end, I feel I’ve emerged with a greater sense of focus and direction for this online space. Not only has ‘The Haut Aesthetics’ been a special corner of the internet for me to document all things I enjoy sharing with regards to fashion, lifestyle, personal styling, beauty, skincare etc, but it has allowed me to do the three things I love so much: writing, content creation and empowering others. My utmost goal is to also not forget about the courage God has given me in founding something that will only grow into something bigger and empowering for both myself and others. I still have so much I want to do with the site and I’m only blessed to have come this far. Readers from all over the world and the comments that come through are acknowledged and appreciated.

I am so excited for what this next year has in store. The BEST is yet to come.