The Path of Manifestations & Affirmations

Hi Loves! It’s been a while since I did an empowering post and I had this idea to share something very close to me and all that I am which is manifestation and using the law of attraction. This won’t be an overwhelming, mouthful of words kinda post but instead I’ll be sharing points that I actually have written in my personal notebook which I use to write all things life and just all things me. I love filling that book in particular with just inspirational words and even personal, heart kept desires and talks that I have with God and because I do already blog about all things fashion, beauty, skincare, lifestyle why not share some things that really inspire me and uplift me.

I am frequently emailed on how empowering the blog is and that just fills me up and I do want to share these points with you guys so you extra fuelled with actual empowering words and the other content can be a cherry on the cake. Are you on board? Keep scrolling, calm your mind, body and soul and let’s get cracking. Also, I’ve pretty much done a similar post to this where I did also share my meditation journey because it is one of the ways I manifest positivity into my life so if you do enjoy meditating you can use these words of affirmation to compliment that. It’s an altogether beautiful journey to have these moments with yourself, so give yourself a break and align yourself with all that is, well, you!

Manifesting your dream life – The Law of Attraction

  1. Visualize your dream life
  2. Use affirmations to replace limiting beliefs
  3. Have faith in the process
  4. Math the frequency of the reality you want
  5. Focus on the journey
  6. Be purposeful with your thoughts and beliefs
  7. Remember that repetition and intention is key
  8. Release control
  9. What you focus on the universe will work yo help you achieve it
  10. You are what you think, so be careful mindful and watch your thoughts
  11. Find what makes you feel authentic and true to who you are
  12. Align action with your goals
  13. Always trust your intuition
  14. Believe that you will succeed and all your goals, dreams, aspirations and purpose will align
  15. Never forget and always remember that God’s got your back and will help you succeed in all that you set your mind to.

The affirmations I put below are words I constantly tell myself. I usually do this after prayer but even on just a random day I would go back and read it to myself. I love how the universe is always listening so I know that in saying these things to myself, the universe is working with me in achieving what I am manifesting and placing my belief in. Give it a try, read these affirmations to yourself and really take it in.


  • I am grateful for this moment
  • I am resilient
  • I am stronger than I think
  • I am equipped with all the tools I need to succeed – I am determined to succeed
  • I am motivated to achieve goals, overcome challenges and live with passion
  • I am growing through every experience
  • I aspire to be a blessing and inspiration to others
  • I challenge myself to grow – striving to be the best version of me
  • I am kind – I AM ENOUGH
  • I have a voice and that voice matters
  • I choose to be optimistic and positive
  • I am faithful in all my endeavours
  • I honour my commitment and promises
  • I am blessed – knowing my worth is enough
  • I am energized by my passion
  • I strive to listen more than I speak
  • I strive to read more than I write
  • I am the author of my story

Remember to always feed yourself with positivity and protect your energy with all the good things that align for you.