High motivational talk-through

The other day I came across a screenshot I had saved on my phone from Instagram and it read:

you are worth putting in the effort required to change your mind about yourself.


What stood out for me was the words ‘worth’, ‘effort’ and ‘change’. This quote is actually deep, really deep and it immediately resulted in me really evaluating and checking out certain aspects of my personal life that needed that change and how I needed to also kinda get comfortable in changing myself for the better. Almost like making life a lot more dreamy and worth living for even more. I think we can all agree that there are good, blissful days that warm up your soul and mind and there are just those not so good, down and out ones that have you feeling all worn out. With my birthday approaching soon I’ve been in this space of reassessing, reforming, refocusing, rehabilitating and reevaluating A LOT of things. Why not do these things for myself, right? We are all here for a physical experience and what is just breathing and calling it a life suppose to do when you’re alive but not actually living. It’s high time as individuals we have a solid moment dedicated to looking into depth and figuring out what needs to stay and what needs to go. Even in the step of changing ourselves (whatever change required) and needed, is it something you genuinely want to do? Will it really benefit you in becoming a better being for yourself.

The goal with this particular post is to encourage how important it is to ensure that you’re not settling for anything or anyone that weighs you down negatively and that just gives off such negative energies and vibrations that you honestly do not need, right? I’m encouraging you to take giant steps for yourself and come through for YOU. What will build you or what is already doing so? What stimulates you positively and in a good light? What are your goals and aspirations and what will get you there? Ask yourself. Who is supportive in you getting there and are you always going to be tolerating. It’s important to remember that when you’re taking such drastic steps you need to be on a clear path especially once you’ve also made some changes within yourself.

Let’s focus on feeding our spirits with the happiness and joy that we getting from the physical so that when you’re living the more spiritual life, you’re purely satisfied and an overall happy soul. So why not consider that. Have a sit down and get in touch with every aspect of your life. Only you know what’s best for you. So instead of being the best out, focus on being the best you. It’s worth a whole lifetime.


And here it is. Read it again until it sinks.