How to Live a Positive & Happy Life

Everybody in this world is equally happy and unhappy. Finding real happiness is a tricky thing. Why some people look happier even if they’re not? Well, they choose happiness. You get a life because you are compatible to stay alive. And if you are facing a hard time, believe me, you are strong enough to face it. It’s not impossible to be a happier person. You are meant to have a good happy life and you will have it.

Below are 4 very important life tips I always lean towards if ever I find myself in a rut.

1. Declutter

Can be people, things, work anything.

This us honestly very deep and highly important. The best life hack out there. The best way to achieving this is asking yourself whether you need this? Decluttering helps you unburden yourself with those extra things which never make you a happier person, ever. When you declutter, you’re offered a positive ambiance since you’re not consumed by extra things. The more simple life you have, the less chance to get stress.

2. Celebrating those small wins/achievements

Small wins build confidence and leads to change. Stop pushing yourself to complete the biggest task first, because once you don’t achieve them, it ends up or results in you feeling demotivated in succeeding in everything else this automatically leads to self-doubt, lowering your confidence and every other aspiration becomes blurred. Small wins practices are necessary and great for success in the future. Accomplishing the small wins and what’s achievable in that moment motivates you to push for more and helps you gradually take small steps in achieving the nig goals. Positive mindset in check and your overall confidence is now boosted.

3. Social media detox

And just like my first point ‘declutter’, limiting your social media usage us actually a great start. Keep your time on social media to a minimum or just have moments of ‘reset’. As a blogger it’s sometimes almost impossible to stay away from social media but a key trick I’ve been learning on is limiting how long I spend on these social platforms. It gives me enough time to figure out what exactly I’m posting, find inspiration and engage so a good 15-30 minutes is enough. That way I do also commit to other things I don’t give my attention to. Social media is very addictive and if you don’t watch yourself, you’ll miss all the blessings and marks around you. So, don’t become too consumed by it.

4. Time to yourself

For me it’s mediating, praying and just alone time. What I love about this is that I get to do positive self-talk from within (think food for the soul). Another great thing to do is some daily positive affirmations to regain my confidence and kick out any negativity. Being happy in life should be your first priority in life and you should focus on how to get it. Spending some solo time will assist you in becoming a happier and positive person because you get to really listen to yourself, to what you need in life and what’s important to you and your life.

Really focus on yourself and what you need in order to live a positive and happy life. Get in touch with yourself and what you believe sets you alive.

Below I wanted to share a quote I found on Pinterest just about overall acceptance because it starts there, right. Before you can do anything else accept yourself and the space you’re in. Happy living and dive into positivity. You deserve it!


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