The Denim Find – Fit, Look & Style

Hi Loves! Okay, with so many brands, styles, fits and washes finding the perfect pair can be tricky and to top it off it’s without a doubt an item you’ll get a lot of wear from. Keep scrolling to find tips on finding the perfect pair and if you’re not too familiar with other designs and like to play it safe with classics, you can check out my blog post on denim and I also included a variety of styles and brands [ Read Here : The Style Edit – Denim ]

When investing in jeans one simple rule you should always stick by is that they should flatter your body. Knowing what exactly you’re looking for and knowing how they should fit on your hips, legs and even your butt.

Jeans fit dependent on the style but in general they should sit well on the waist and hips. For me personally, I like jeans that are not too tight or else they will be constrictive and I won’t be able to move comfortably – just having an overall good retention in them. I’m a huge fan of the oversized, baggy, mom-jean look but do appreciate a good balance of some tightness around the butt area and wide leg. This style of denim has no elasticity and is rigid so I know the importance of trying a few sizes. Between your true size and a size up should work since it varies from different styles or brands (keep in mind that cuts are not the same).

A great idea is finding a muse. That way you’ll be able to slip into a rut and end up wearing a style or styles you’re comfortable with.

a style you’ve probably never considered might be the one you’ll surprisingly like, so fit as many styles as you can.

Let’s chat! If you’ve read my ‘ The Style Edit – Denim’ blog post you should know as many styles by now. Let me know what your favourite jean style is.