The M U S E series presents individuals with compelling personalities in a new light. In this virtual interview series we get up close with their skincare journey featuring authentic shots through their own lens.

Keep scrolling and join me in unpacking all things skin with our #skincrush. Who knows, you probably share the same skin type and these tips may apply to you.

Meet Lindoparis, Durban based writer & creative director

HAUT : Describe what you do
LINDOPARIS : I do everything ! Haha, no really… I’m a full-time student at UKZN. A Durban Fashion Fair Ambassador. A writer for Opera News Hub and Creative Director to my brand SHAKA’D. Oh, I’m also signed to Boss Models

HAUT : What’s your skin type

HAUT : Tell us about your current skincare routine
LINDOPARIS : My current skincare routine follows the simple rule of less is more. I use a specific face wash 3x a day, which I then follow up with sunblock and day cream in the morning and afternoon, alternate with toner at night then apply my night cream. On Fridays, we mask!

HAUT : What’s one thing you wished you learned sooner with regards to skin (yours in particular)
LINDOPARIS : Never apply heat to your skin. There’s literally no need. You will see a tremendous difference in hydration and no age lines.

HAUT : Your favourite skincare brand
LINDOPARIS : My favourite skincare brand has to be Due Care Skin (those who know, know!)

HAUT : What’s the last skincare product you finished and would you purchase it again?
LINDOPARIS : My Clicks Rooibos range travel pack. Definitely, it’s all I use.

HAUT : Any skincare tricks or tips to share
LINDOPARIS : Enjoy water. Spice it up with lemon and cucumber slices and let it sit overnight. Another one is to never skip your night routine. Your skin’s morning glow will be unmatched!

HAUT : Skincare words of encouragement
LINDOPARIS : Never give up on your skin. If you’re noticing a problem, strip away the amount of product you use on it until you identify the problem. It can even mean going back to regular face wash and moisturizer. Don’t feel pressured to try out every single product trending. Even the girl in the magazine doesn’t necessarily look like the girl in the magazine.

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