New Season, New Mercies

It’s a new season and all I can think about is the importance of being positive and focusing on attracting all the right energies and vibrations. Spring is such an important time to me because it speaks to ‘blossoming’. I can only place my mind on spring being the season of new beginnings, fresh buds blooming, animals awakenening and the earth seems to come to life again. Life today may be so challenging and difficult, but the truth is that your future carries dream come through when you have GOD and believe in what HE can do and also have a good mindset. It doesn’t matter how many times you have tried to standout but couldn’t, NEVER GIVE UP on yourself. Don’t give up on you as well as your dream for your future is bright. You will surely be a star someday and also an instrument of blessings to others in your generation. I wanted to share an important message I feel so deep connected to especially in times of not feeling my best, discouraged and just need a lift.

God is saying to you today…

sometimes I will lead you through some circumstances in order to teach you and

make you realize, when you worry how

much more faith you need in me.

I will lead you through certain situations, in order to teach you and make you realize how much more faith you need when you worry. For everything, I have a plan. Have faith in me.

So, for this new season have the greatest faith in yourself, God and the universe. Make sure to work towards constantly making yourself a better being so that you can grow to where you feel you’ll be most happy (that peaceful, happier, joyful space in your path). Show yourself strong, don’t doubt yourself and work towards being a positive being so that you can reach a point where only good attracts you. Imagine a life that you want, visualize and take hold of what you need. Life is not easy, so try be nice to yourself and be strict about it.

Declaring that this season will bring the right connections, breakthroughs will be knocking at your door, you will be covered with discernment, you will be abundantly blessed and set free emotionally, mentally and physically. You will be at such a peaceful space in your life that your spirit will find contentment. Believe it. Take hold of it.