The Weekender Series – Garden Party, Sunflowers & Thai Food

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

Join me as I share recent adventures from celebrating life, getting soaked, taking time out, trying out the new Starbucks latte, watching King Richard, buying gifts and planning a garden party.

November 12

Self-care Friday! My favourite thing to do is skincare and whenever I get the time I want to do the entire thing including a mask. I’ve shared my experience using The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Mask and I am still obsessing about it to date. You can check out my full experience using this amazing product [Read Here: The Body Shop Edit ]. I also did my nails, meditated and watched some true crime. Okay, if you’re someone like myself and enjoy true crime I do share some series I’ve watched on Netflix this week I’ve watched ‘The Raincoat Killer’ and ‘Who Killed Maria Marta’. So you can check those out.

November 13

I have been into makeup A LOT lately. Not that I’ve driven away from skincare but I do have moments where I enjoy doing makeup and moments when I just want to allow my skin to breathe (and it does more breathing actually). I think since missing the glam looks with nicely done wig is what I’m into. I took some photos, washed my faced and literally chilled out for the rest of the day. I also watched an oldie but goodie (well, in my world at least) titled ‘The Interpreter’ starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn about a United Nations interpreter’s life is turned upside down when she overhears a plot to assassinate an African head of state and is later targeted by the killers.

November 14

We went to a spot in Greenside called Scrooge (and no it wasn’t packed) and just had some drinks, J had some hookah and we had a calamari starter. We went for a walk before then to our good ol’ spot and ended the evening with supper at Momo Kuro. OKAY! If you’re looking to try out some good sushi THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO TO! In all honesty, it is. The food was that good. We also had
poke bowls which were just as good but listen…that sushi *chefs kiss. Can we go back please.

📍Botanical Gardens, Emmerantia
📍Scrooge, Greenside
📍Momo Kuro, Rosebank

November 16

Spent the day working and I also headed out to get J a gift for his birthday (which was actually on the Friday) but I decided to surprise him earlier since we went to dinner on his big day and I had spent time planning something for him on the Saturday. I am definitely someone who goes all out for people’s birthdays which I adore so it was fun doing this. We had McDonalds and went to the cinema to catch Antlers which is about a small-town Oregon teacher and her brother, the local sheriff, discover that a young student is harbouring a dangerous secret with frightening consequences. . I will say though that when I watched the trailer I did expect more from the film.

📍Vidae Café, Rosebank

November 19

It’s a big day because it is J’s birthday. I got my hair done and just refreshed my plaits, prepped my makeup and also prepared my look. I went all out. To celebrate we went for dinner to Moderna Italian Eatery in Parkhurst. It was my first time there and J had been there before. We arrived late but it was fine because we got to order some good food. I had a seafood pasta which was so amazing. J had a lamb shank with mashed potato which tasted like a good Sunday meal. For dessert I had a chocolate ice-cream with a chocolate flavoured muffin-like cake that had all the sweetness I like and J had a side of ice-cream too and honestly, I don’t remember the names of the desserts we had but the images should be enough. After that we headed home. It was a good night.

📍Moderna Italian Eatery, Parkhurst

November 20

Checkout what we did last year for his birthday [Read Here: The Weekender Series – Staycation, Birthday Celebration & New Shoes]. Which celebration is your favourite? What are some good ideas you have when planning a surprise for your partner? I know the next birthday is far but I’ve got some cool ideas lined up for the next one. It was so good celebrating my best friend, therapist, photographer, Uber driver, homeboy and the list goes on. I didn’t do much with the table setting since time and weather was not on our hands. I kept it minimal yet adding gold elements to make
it look prettier. There was some finger foods and fruits, non-alcoholic champagne, refreshments and with an added decoration, the cake. It was good meeting and greeting people in his life and happy that we all got to surprise and celebrate him. But the day does not end there. It rained, like really hard. I was soaked and had to get an outfit change so we both headed to the mall. I got an easy dress that I could just throw on. We went to grab food at Spur in Rosebank which happens to be the one we always go to since it is the only halaal Spur restaurant we know of and called it a night. And yes, I took some flu meds so I wouldn’t feel sick or catch the cold the following day.

November 21

Happy Sabbath Day.
To kickstart the day I did some cleaning and organized a few of my clothes. On route to Monte Casino I saw these pretty sunflowers and if you know me, you know how much I adore these. We went for a movie date and watched King Richard and I have no words, AT ALL! Such a beautiful film. Everything about it. If you haven’t heard about it it’s a movie starring Will Smith who plays King Richard the father of famous tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. To go into more detail, armed with a clear vision and a brazen, 78-page plan, Richard Williams is determined to write his two daughters, Venus and Serena, into history. Training on tennis courts in Compton, Calif., Richard shapes the girls’ unyielding commitment and keen intuition. Together, the Williams family defies seemingly insurmountable odds and the prevailing expectations laid before them. We grabbed some refreshments at Starbucks (I had something different this time and had their caramel latte with a Christmas feel) and headed to Melville to the Anti-Social Social Club and just chilled while reflecting on the weekend. We went to McDonald’s since it’s all J is craving lately and called it a night.

📍Anti-Social, Social Club, Melville

Take care.