Energy Goes Where Focus Flows

When you research the importance of energy and living a positive life the first Google result that pops up is:

Good energy can boost our feelings of well-being, dissolve feelings of anxiety and improve communication. As we move through our day, we send energy into the world and we receive energy back. Our minds, bodies and spirits are composed of energy, which vibrates out and is felt by others.

Almost everyone knows someone who radiates positivity. They’re the ones who naturally draw others in and make people feel at ease. While it may be effortless for some to channel the peaceful outlook, for others, it takes practice, and that’s okay. The energy you give off not only determines your interactions with other people, it also speaks to how you’re feeling about yourself. And that’s VERY important.

Be Kinder To Yourself,

Try and be kind to yoursel. Whether this means reciting your favorite mantra over and over again, or making an effort to treat yourself with compassion. The relationship you have with yourself is so important. Work on every flaw and learn to love yourself with ALL that you are. Don’t let other people define your worth and check out [ Read Here: Walking On Sunshine ] to be encouraged a lot more!

Practice Gratitude and Be Positive,

 You could make a list each day of what you’re most grateful for, you could express these thoughts to yourself, share them with a friend, etc. Reminding ourselves to express gratitude for the good things we have in our life makes us feel more appreciative. The way we communicate directly impacts the energy we give off, so using words like love, solution, happy, secure, etc. will channel a more cheerful outlook. I spend every morning doing affirmations and practicing positivity. Here’s a few things to say:

  • My life is full of blessings
  • I have everything I need
  • I intentionally choose gratitude
  • I invite gratitude into my heart

Work on Goals and Live In The Moment,

Working towards and then achieving your goals is a massive confidence booster. Others around you will pick up on your empowerment and see that you value and believe in yourself and your dreams. Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself. There’s a book that I’ve had since last year which is a spiritual day-to-day devotion. I read such a powerful message about knowing that TODAY IS ENOUGH. It read:

The art of living is to enjoy what we can see and not complain about what remains in the dark. When we are able to take the next step with the trust that we will have enough light for the step that follows, we can walk through life with joy and be surprised at how far we go.

Let’s rejoice in the little light we carry and not ask for the great beam that would take all shadows away.